Advantages of Using a Bell Housing / Bracket instead of Baseframe

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This dates back about 3 years when I started my organization and doing site visits to the customer. Most of the time, when I used to negotiate, I used to see that the Motor Cost of the Pumps are on the higher side as compared to my competitors. I realized that this was due to the excise benefits, which I didn’t pass it on to my customers, as I was not registered and was afraid to get registered with the so called “Excise Department”.

So in such cases, I always suggested the customer to procure the motor themselves, so that they can get discount & tax benefits, fix the coupling halves, align and bolt it to the supplied base frame supplied along with the order. At that time, the customer made me realize that alignment of motors at site is not an easy task for them and they are ready to chip in extra money, so that pumps come aligned from factory itself and the “Pump User Head” can have peace of mind. “Nobody wants pump problems on Day 1 !”
Ah ! there we go, and now I need a solution… “Knock Knock” my dad’s cabin and having discussed the same above, with experience, he explained me … “Son, look around and keep eyes open, and questioned, why hydraulic pumps are always face / flange mounted ?” As usual, me being quick to reply I said “L-Type” brackets are used there! He said no, carefully look at the machine / industrial hydraulic power pack and you will get the answer.
Having looked at it, I realized “Oh !!! Bell Housing / Bracket is the answer.”
Having discussed the same with him, he said thanks to our smart ancestors, that we have the solutions. He further explained me, that when we have a bracket, we can introduce the self aligning feature in our pumps. As a result, our end pump users, will not have to worry about site alignment, even if they have to change the motors in feature. All they need to use is right frame size motor but of B5 / V5 type which are flange mounted.
Misalignment of Couplings is the root cause for oil leakage from Lip Seal / Gland / Mechanical Seal, increase in pump power, pump noise, unusual wear of rotors & shafts, frequent bearing replacement, coupling noise, wearing out of coupling spider / bush, heating of the pump and increase in the pump vibration.
Increase in Bearing Life & Seal Life, itself save much of the schedule downtime associate with the equipment. More over, right installation will always help secure the warranty associated with the components.

All the thing the user needs to do is to mount the coupling halves on the shaft, tighten the nuts and bolts on Motor Side, and then on the Pump Side, and there we go, alignment is done. Did I tell you that its done in minutes… No use of Right Angles, Shims to adjust the distance, spare distance pieces, Tagging the structural members and then full welding it and still suffering with the problems of misalignment ! And also, did I mention to you that the color / rust preventive is always spoils in this process !

Besides the above, another advantages is that, the terminal box of the motor can be easily rotated as per the requirements, its very easy and no special orders need to be given saying, terminal needed on LH Side / Top / RH side from Shaft End / Fan End. So, no special inventory or specialties in Purchase Orders required, thus cutting the delivery times of Motors.
The same above principle can be applied for the pumps, that in case, one needs to swap the inlet and outlet ports, or make the ports from side / side to Top / Bottom or Vice Versa, its very easy, just rotate the pump on the shaft axis and we are done !
Lastly, In case of replacement pumps, replacing the pump to carry out scheduled maintenance, no need to replace the complete pumping sets from foundation. Just open the pump ports, remove mounting bolts of pump, remove the coupling halves, put it on the new pump and mount the pump. Once done, close the open pump ports. This is where you get freedom of interchangeability & repeat ability of replacing the Pump Serial Nos, doing stress free pipe – port installation even in case of replacement of critical pump components or doing scheduled maintenance. To summarize, even foundation to foundation replacement can be easily done in negligible time when compared to pumps with base frame or base plates.

Besides all the above, its a neat & clean design / work and interchangeability among the complete plant can be well organized. Also note, in case of vertical installations of pumps same advantages can be seen up to great extent.

The above problem could have been solved by the introduction of mono block pump. But this will be discussed later along with the case where we applied triz methodology as well as the axiomatic design theory had been applied.The used of bracket posses some disadvantages one major being weight factor and the other emphasized would be the heat transfer rate from pump to motor & Vice Versa. This too would be blogged upon some day.
Make sure you carry 2 sets of adjustable spanners and 1 set of allen keys to complete any maintenance job easily !
Please note that special care has to be taken while machining the bell housing bracket & coupling. Though, it looks to be simple, a small operator mistake in manufacturing, would permanently put you in the problem of misalignment running of pump and motor for ever.

Coupling also, need to be rightly machined and the concentric-ity need to be maintained at all times.Look at our coupling guide / consult the coupling manufacturer for guides on how to machine the coupling correctly.

Hence we insist on going for our own, original equipment supply of the bracket and coupling.

Please note that we have bracket mounted design as standard in case of Trochoidal Gear Pumps / Internal Lobe Pumps / Progressive Cavity Pumps / Triple Screw Pumps and Gear Pumps. IL , IC , GT , PC , TH , EX and all other new series of future.

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