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Chintan Turakhia – Pumpsquare

Chintan Turakhia


ChintanTurakhia is the founder of Pumpsquare Systems LLP. He strongly believes and practices Axiomatic Design Theory, TRIZ Methodology, Kanban System, Systems Engineering, and Innovation. He plays a key role in New Product Development. His saga is first “Do-the-Right-Thing” and then effectively “Do-the-Thing-Right”.

He developed his first pump at the age of sixteen, under the guidance of his father as a school project. He has spent most of his vacation at his dad’s pump company doing various self-learning & guided activities. He then took up projects at the university level titled as “Design of Twin Screw Pump & Finite Element Analysis for Casings”. He is a good programmer and his focus is more on the pump rotor profile generation, introducing a deviation in its parameter and studying the same.

He did his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Pune University in 2007. He then went to USA for doing Masters in Mechanical Engineering – Design at the University of Southern California. He is certified as an Engineer-In-Training (EIT) in the state of California. He has Passion for making Pumps and had returned back to India to start his new venture for Manufacturing Pumps in February, 2011.

He has worked full time with TATA Motors Ltd subsidiary TAL Manufacturing Solutions Limited, Pune. He always thanks, Ambitech Engineering, Downers Grove, IL for giving him the opportunity to work as a Summer Intern. He has attended pump training schools like “Pumptec Conference & Expo 2009” and attended the “26th International Pump users Symposium”.

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Kirit Turakhia

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Kirit Turakhia is a Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pumpsquare Systems LLP. He joined the company in December 2012. Prior to that he was the director of Colfax Corporation’s Tushaco Pumps. Director Asia Pacific (2005 ~ 2010)

Mr. Kirit Turakhia was one of the founding partners of Delta Corporation & Tushaco Pumps Private Limited. He was amongst the pioneers in bringing the positive displacement pump technology in India. He played a vital role in setting up technical collaboration with Various European Company like SIG, Allweiller, IMO and Houttin from time to time. Due to his expertise in design, manufacturing, and emphasis on quality, he played a key role in the industry to deliver the products as demanded by the customer and setting up the quality benchmark and making Tushaco a market leader in the pump industry.

He proudly says “take work as a hobby and enjoy it to fullest”. He earned a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Mumbai University in 1977.

He brings with him more than 35 years of Hands on Experience with the Pumps which is Invaluable.

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Press Release of Acquisition of Tushaco Pumps by Colfax Corporation




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