Research & Development

We maintain a research and development department to stay current with the ever changing requirements of new fields of applications. The job of our research team is to incorporate all the customer needs (CN) in our products.

The research enables us to improve the product design, incorporate wide variety materials of construction as well as enable us to have special pump construction & configuration.

One of the important benefits of the development is to constantly improve the quality of product being manufactured.

One of the examples is that by developing special internal lobes for pumps, it gave us a niche in the market over our competitors wherein we could supply the pumps with very high volumetric efficiency, high NPSH values, higher hydraulic efficiency, and reduction in capital cost for customer and most important is the reduction in the working cost of the pumps. Also, by improving the machining techniques, the operating level of the noise has reduced sustainably.

These improvements also contribute to keeping the cost of pump manufacturing at the minimum. The end results of the improved efficiencies is marked reducing in energy expenses and operating costs.

Because of the these concept, you will notice the constant change in our product as well as value addition to it.

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