Economical Series Triple Screw Pump for Lube Oil Application Industries 543to 705 Lpm,Pressure 60Bar

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Pump Model: TH 98 SF

Pump Service: Transfer Pumps , Loading Pumps

Flowrate: 543 To 705 LPM

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Product Description

These pumps are ideal for Lube Oil Application in Power plant

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Pump Type

Triple Screw Pumps

Pump Brand / Manufacturer


Pump Model

TH 98 SF

Pump Mounting

Horizontal & Flange Mounted

Type of Drive


Relief Valve

Not – Included, Use Line Mounted Relief Valve

Bearing Location


Bearing Type

Ball Bearing

Bearing Lubrication

Pumping Media Lubricated

Suction Size & Rating

NB 3 1/2” SAE 3000#

Discharge Size & Rating

NB 3” SAE 3000#

Pump Port Location

Top / Top (Looking From Shaft End, Top IN & Top OUT)

Shaft Sealing Type

Mechanical Seal X 1

Direction of Rotation

CW from Shaft End



Jacketing Type, Media & Parts

Not Available

Pump Characteristics

Non-Reversible / Uni Rotation Flow Pumps

Material of Construction

Pump Casing: Aluminum Alloy
Covers: Cast Iron
Screw Rotor Sets: Alloy Steel +Cast Iron
Sealing Kit: Nitrile Elastomers + Non Asbestos Compressed Fiber Gasket + C vs SiC

Other Parts: In Cast Iron / Mild Steel

General Notes

We recommend using a suction / vacuum gauge at the inlet of the pump & gauge should not show less than the NPSH(A) value even though the suction condition is flooded.

The cross section of the suction line should be such that fluid velocity nowhere exceeds 1 m/sec in the suction line and 3 m/sec in the discharge line.

The pumps must be protected against solid particles (dirt) in the fluid by using suitable suction filters. The mesh width maximum should be 0.1 mm (For Oil upto 500 cSt) and care must be taken that even with a contaminated filter the admissible suction lift capability is not exceeded. For other viscosity, please consult filtration department.


1. General Instruction Manual

2. Standard Warranty Terms and Conditions

3. General Pump Arrangement Drawing

4. General Cross Section Drawing

5. Test Certificate

6. List of Recommended Spares

7. Standard Pump Performance Curve

8. Predicted Pump Performance Curve

9. Assembly & Disassembly Procedure & Videos

10. Installation Checklist

11. Commissioning Spares

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Tag Nos:
Pump Flow (LPM): 543 to 705 LPM
Pumping Media / Fluid:
Solid Contents: None
Application / Service:
Minimum Pumping Media Viscosity (cSt):
Maximum Pumping Fluid Viscosity(cSt):
Pumping Temperature Viscosity (cSt):
Media Density (Kg / Cu. M):
Specific Gravity:
Vapor Pressure:
Minimum Pumping Temperature (Deg C):
Maximum Pumping Temperature (Deg C):
Pump Flow:
Suction Condition & Head (m): (Max +0.5 Bar)
Discharge Head (m):
Discharge Pressure (Bar): 60 Bar
Differential Pressure (Bar):
Absorbed Power (kW):
Hydraulic Power (kW):
Recommended Power (kW):
Pump Speed (RPM): 2900 RPM
NPSH(A) (m):
NPSH(R) (m):

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