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Pump Model: IL 02 NCB

Pump Service: Unloading / Loading / Transfer / Circulation & All other application upto Discharge Pressure 6 Bar

Flowrate: 10 LPM

Item Code: IL02NCB

Product Description

10 LPM Monoblock Pump.

No Base Plate / No Coupling Required.

Plugin & Start Pumping.

The pump is connected to Three Phase Induction Motor of Crompton or Rotomotive Make. 

Starter, Hoses, Terminal Lugs, Connecting Wire, etc, all is in the scope of the customer and is not supplied along with this pump package.

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Pump Type

Internal Lobe Pumps - Block Pump with 3 Phase Induction Motor 415V 50Hz NFLP S1 EFF2 in Standard Construction.

Pump Model


Ask Our Sales / Factory & Get Your Pump Approved For

Pumping Media / Fluid:
Application & Duty:
Minimum Pumping Media Viscosity (cSt):
Maximum Pumping Fluid Viscosity(cSt):
Media Density (Kg / Cu. M):
Specific Gravity:
Vapour Pressure:
Suction Condition & Head (m):
Discharge Head (m):
Discharge Pressure (Bar):
Differential Pressure (Bar):
Absorbed Power (kW):
Recommended Power (kW):
Pump Speed (RPM):
NPSH(A) (m):

Hydraulic Power

Hydraulic Power (in HP) = [ Flow (LPM) x Pressure (Bar) ] / 450
Hydraulic Power (in kW) = [ Flow (LPM) x Pressure (Bar) ] / 495

Please note that Hydraulic Power should always be less than the Absorbed Power & Recommended Power

Suction Condition

Flooded (+ve Suction Head)
We recommend using a suction / vacuum gauge at the inlet of the pump & gauge should not show less than the NPSH(A) value even though the suction condition is flooded.

NPSH(R) (m)

Please note that NPSH(R) Stated is for the pump at 1440 RPM.
Following conditions should always be satisfied to prevent the pump from undergoing Cavitation

Pump Mounting

Horizontal Foot Mounted Monoblock Pump Unit

Type of Drive


Relief Valve

Built - In
Please note that this is just a safety by pass relief valve to protect the pump & motor from over loading. This is not a pressure regulating valve.

Bearing Location & Type

Internal & Bush Bearing

Suction Size & Rating

0.5" BSP Female Threaded Ports

Discharge Size & Rating

0.5" BSP Female Threaded Port

Pump Port Location

Side / Side

Shaft Sealing Type

Lip Seal

Direction of Rotation

CCW from Shaft End

Maximum Pumping Speed (RPM)

1450 RPM
However, please consult the factory with your detailed application & get the approval

Jacketing Type, Media & Parts

Not Available
Consult Factory if you are looking forward for a customized design.

Material of Construction

Pump Casing & Covers: Cast Iron
Shaft: Alloy Steel
Rotor Set: Sintered Iron
Sealing Kit: Nitrile
Relief Valve Parts: In Cast Iron & Spring in Steel
Other Parts: In Cast Iron / Mild Steel

Prime Mover

TEFC Industrial Electric Motor (Foot + Face) (B3 + B14)
Power: 0.37 kW
Speed: 1440 RPM
Fr.71 S1 Class F NFLP 3Ph 415V 50Hz Eff 2

General Instruction Manual

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Warranty Terms

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Following Documents will be Available on request:
1. General Arrangement Drawing
2. Cross Section Drawing
3. Performance Curve
4. Video Links
5. Instruction Manual

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